NECA Big Red Predator Review+Gallery

A Batman fan film called “Dead End” debuted at the 2003 San Diego Comic Convention.  If you haven’t seen it yet I urge you to watch it prior to reading this review, you can go ahead and check it out on the Youtubes right here.  I will wait for you to get back …

Back yet?


NECA Big Red Predator Review

This is the guy you just saw … if you made it to the end of the movie!

Anyway this was prior to the whole Christopher Nolan’izing of the Batman franchise, so it was nice to see well done costume design, sort of serious tone at first, cinematography, Aliens, and Predators.  Yes, the reason this thing got such a huge reception was because out of nowhere Aliens and Predators show up in a Batman film and do battle with the caped crusader.  On top of this the Alien and Predator costumes appear to be as professional as they come.  This is where Big Red steps in, right at the end after Batman bests the single Predator.  This unique looking Predator shows up for a fan film and then almost ten years later becomes an actual toy.

NECA Big Red Predator Review

I have no idea how the licensing even works for something like this.  NECA must have really wanted this one bad to be able to pull off getting it made.  Not only getting it made, but being able to make a veiled reference to Batman and the film on the actual card art.  Those guys over at NECA are doing something right to do something so cool with a toy line.  Then again, of course they are doing something right, they will have over ten waves of Predator figures by 2013.  Prior to watching the Predator 2 dance scene, I didn’t know this many Predators even existed or that the general public would even want this many.  I guess when you make an amazing product people will flock to it, and thus is the case with the Predator toys.  The toys seem to flourish even after quite a few mediocre to bad movies like Alien vs Predator, Alien vs Predator: Requiem, and Predators.

NECA Big Red Predator Review

Lets take a look at the Big Red Predator who is part of the seventh series; commonly referred to as the “wave before Dutch.”  The Big Red shares a large part of his base body with the Jungle Hunter.  His armor is exactly the same besides the forearm computer and blades being switched.  The armor pieces are all painted over red, so while they are all the same as the Jungle Hunter the red really fools your eyes into not noticing the reuse of parts.

NECA Big Red Predator Review

There are three new additions to Big Red: his belt, bandolier of skulls, and his head.  The belt is an interesting addition because it also has a hilt that can hold the two samurai swords he comes with.  I think the swords are scaled a little small for him.  Perhaps they were taken from humans? I’m not sure as to the reasoning, but I generally just leave them sheathed.  The head is where it’s at with Big Red.  This is the one that really makes him stand out from the pack not only because it is red, but designed really cool.  It’s like a samurai, The Crow, and Predator mash-up.  One thing you may want to look out for when purchasing these guys in the store is paint chipping on the helmet.  I don’t think its a widespread issue because I only have seen two, but the one I passed on has a nice little chip on the chin part of his helmet.  You just don’t want to get home and be disappointed so keep your eyes open.

NECA Big Red Predator Review

I’ve immediately promoted my Big Red Predator to the front of my ranks.  I think a guy (or Predator) that has the gumption to dye his armor all red is the type to make a good leader.  Or he’s just a rebellious teen Predator.  We just don’t know enough about their culture to make a definitive judgement on that.

NECA Big Red Predator Review

Big Red seems to be showing up at Toys “R” Us in fairly large quantities.  Even my local, extremely shitty, Toys “R” Us that never gets anything until months later had Big Red and the rest of wave seven sitting on the pegs.  The retail on these guys seems to be about $18 which is a great price for these extremely detailed and articulated figures.  If you can’t find him at your local store you could always try Amazon.  Also you can find the rest of the wave there as well:

I’m a huge fan of the Big Red, he really helps me kiss and stay close a little longer when he is around.  I also think that he is a great gem mixed into a series that has gone on far longer than the source property really deserves.  The Predators that use this current body all have great articulation and are very durable.  I also marvel over the paint applications.  I’m amazed after every Predator I get how clean these figures are painted.  Everyone should own Big Red, even if you aren’t interested in the Lost Tribe or any of the other Predator properties.  He’s just a very unique figure that doesn’t come around often and I am glad NECA made him a reality.

Credit to Jon at Preternia for this post sorry for copying it i just really love the figure!


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