3A Reveals TF2 Robot Heavy from Mann vs Machine | Preternia

“The robots at our doorstep, men, and trust me – they are not going to be asking for a cup of sugar. No! These monsters are going to be breaking down our doors, take our sugar, and sprinkle it on our graves!” -The Soldier. TF2 is a great game it’s one of those multiplayer games that you wish had a story line, Which is why great figure companies such as NECA and 3A are going to make these figures, I honestly wish that NECA will be doing these figures later in the 1/6 scale figures. Despite the figures NECA released so far (Pyro and Demo man) I’ll be waiting for Heavy and Medic, because those 2 are my favorite classes. Take a look at Preternia’s little sum up of the figure, I hope he reviews it when/if he gets it!  http://www.preternia.com/2013/05/24/3a-reveals-tf2-robot-heavy-from-mann-vs-machine/


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