Halo 4 Elite Zealot Review + Gallery

If you waited out on McFarlane’s Halo 4 Series 1 wave well you certainly did get a good price if you got it at Target.

Halo 4 Series 1 – Elite Zealot
Faction:Covenant Remnant
When I first saw this figure I went crazy, when I saw it In-Stores I went 20% crazier. Not only is this my favorite class of elite but He’s got a promethean knight-looking helmet.

So when Halo 4 Series 1 figures hit my local target, Mr. Zealot had to be my 1st pick out of the series, I have to say that McFarlane did a great job capturing the Zealot’s Armour. The Zealot comes with 2 Accessories, removable Zealot helmet, and the brand new Halo 4 Energy Sword, difference from the previous Energy Swords is that this one is actually a sword compared to the Halo: Reach Energy Sword, various height and look differences.


Despite looking amazing with the helmet, I can’t quite see him being an elite, he looks more like an eel in an armor suit. I never got why Bungie (Now, 343 Industries. R.I.P Halo, now futuristic CoD) chose to change the race’s appearance, A slight HD modification on the model would be nice. I found it’s storyline to be a bit more entertaining though, I like how they did a CoD style ending (where Chief is crawling on the floor with a pulse grenade in hand and killer intent in his Visor)


Articulation wise, he is lacking some points, I would’ve preferred moving the arms lower but it’s hindered by the armor so you can’t really get him to lower his arms (without making him look like he’s in a T-Pose) other then that he’s rocking!